About: Empowering Womyn, Writers and Communities

The initial concept is to provide a space where womyn can hang their labels, stereotypes and societal restrictions at the door and share thier passion, goals and lives with others who are willing to listen, embrace and empower their ideas. The space is open to all who are willing to express in order to empower!
Taught by author, Sarah Rafael Garcia, “The monthly workshops help us explore our creative spirits, free ourselves from societal restrictions & learn to embrace our natural instincts.”
Workshops held upon request, currently presenting at conferences and workshops will relaunch in March 2014.

The workshops present creative writing tips as well as a path to publication, for more info and ideas please find us on Facebook: Wild Womyn Writers.

The Wild Womyn Writers’s blog page is a communal space, contributing writers are welcomed to share, please feel free to submit @ sarah@sarahrafaelgarcia.com.


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