Wild Womyn Writers Open Mic Line-Up at Cafe Calacas in Santa Ana, CA!

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7-8pm Workshop, 8-9pm Open Mic
Friday, September 2, 2011


“Longtime Santa Ana resident Sarah Rafael García, now based in Austin, will be returning home on Friday as part of the Wild Womyn Writers Tour, but she is not the only Orange County writer sharing her work, she will share the mic with several talented wild womyn! Check out the upcoming line-up!”

Marilynn Montano

Chicana, Barrio Writer, Journalist & Co-founder of Coyolxaqui Circle

Marilynn lives locally & cares globally. She will be graduating high school towards the summer of 2012 as the first one in her family to graduate.  She is a writer at heart, sensitive, funny, crafty, petite, & so many things.  You can find her sipping on some Café de Olla at Café Calacas or being downtown and having a notepad in look for her new inspiration or story as an intern for the OC Register’s OC Latino Link blog.

With the help of very empowering peers,  she recently started a young wombyns circle group named Coyolxaqui Circle, for young wombyn, about young wombyn, & by young wombyn. She believes that many young wombyn should have the chance to express & talk about anything else than just homework. A circle where you can talk about your culture, ways of life, or anything that’s on la mujeres mind.

Co-founder of Barrio Actors Guild & Community Organizer

Claudia Breña

“I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, an activist, both a manifestation of the universe & a child of god, a two-spirited being, an artist, a friend, a poet, a traveler in training, aware, a mix of traditions and culture, a resident of the world, a foreigner, a lover of the earth without borders, a little quick to be angry, a little quick to be sad sometimes, it’s mostly out of anger at situations that are unjust, I can be awkward, that’s actually a good thing, a clown, a movie fanatic, a book collector- I love getting books I never read, an admirer, a listener, a philosopher- I drive myself crazy sometimes, a water element kind of person, a dreamer, a precious being.”

Chichimeca-Mexica Indigenous Dancer & Poet

Iuri Morales Lara

Iuri is a spoken word & literary poet, traditional Chichimeca-Mexica Indigenous dancer, & community organizer from Santa Ana, CA. Currently a writing assistant for Santa Ana’s Barrio Writers Youth Program & a recent MFA graduate of the Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts Program at the University of California, Riverside.  Her poems appear in the last three issues of the “Mujeres de Maiz” Literary and Arts Zine, a wombyn of color artists collective based in Los Angeles, CA.

Jaranera-Bombera & Community Organizer

Melody Gonzalez Chavez

Melody is a community organizer, educator, dancer, y jaranera-bombera de SanTana who has been using writing as a healing tool since age 10.

Writer, Community Organizer, Chicana Chingona

Elvia Susana Rubalcava

Elvia was raised in Santa Ana by parents who helped shaped her social consciousness & love for her hometown. Elvia has worked with Latino communities on organizing strategies & leadership development for over 15 years. Elvia is also a writer, blending childhood memories, social commentary, & Chicanisma into her pieces.


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