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Wednesday August 31, 8 – 10PM – FREE!
Corazon del Pueblo
2003 E. 1st Street, Boyle Heights, CA 90033

Friday September 2, 7 – 9PM – FREE!
Cafe Calacas
324 W. 4th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Friday September 9, 8 – 10PM – FREE!
  MECA (Multicultural Education &
Counseling Through the Arts)

1900 Kane Street, Houston, TX 77007



Come to Share, Empower & Celebrate Womyn!

“Wild Womyn Writers provides a space for womyn to explore their creative spirits, free themselves from societal restrictions and learn to embrace their natural instincts.”

The initial concept is to provide a space where womyn can hang their labels, stereotypes and societal restrictions at the door in order to listen, embrace and empower their ideas. The space is open to all who are willing to express in order to empower (including men who wish to share and support womyn works).

Sarah Rafael García and Joanna Saucedo will host the Wild Womyn Writers workshops and open mic at various locations in California and Texas. The first hour will be a creative workshop that will provide writing tips for poetry, lyrics, and spoken word while also demonstrating sound and movement. Participants will have an opportunity to present their work produced during the workshop in the second hour as part of the live open mic (open to the public).

The workshops will be kept intimate; space is limited, reservations are suggested (12 writer limit). Then in the second hour the participants will be joined by other womyn who wish to share any works and by men who will show support by sharing works dedicated to womyn.

The open mic will culminate with Sarah Rafael and Joanna presenting new works that weave in storytelling, spoken word, Son Jarocho and Americana music. Joanna transcends her enthusiasm for rhythmical sound through her Jarana and body movement vibrations while Sarah Rafael shares her life through spoken word and passion for adventure by practicing beats on her Cajon (box drum) for the first time.

“It’s encouraging to see women of color taking the lead in the literary movements emerging from neighborhoods that have, for far too long, been ignored and neglected. Wild Womyn Writers are part of the bridge-building between a new generation of writers and the neighborhood artists they have taken it upon themselves to mentor and empower,” says Abel Salas, editor of Brooklyn & Boyle, an arts and community-based paper established to foster cultural arts throughout LA’s greater Eastside.

Tour workshops and open mic will culminate in Austin, Texas as a fall workshop series and a monthly open mic. The dates and location of events in Austin will be disclosed at a later date. To RSVP for workshops or for more information please contact Sarah Rafael García: sarah@sarahrafaelgarcia.com or call 323-972-6980.


Author Sarah Rafael Garcia playing her cajon for the first time.

writer, community educator, author

Sarah Rafael García was born in Brownsville, Texas in 1974 and raised in Orange County, California. She started writing after her father’s passing in 1988. She obtained a Bachelors of Science in Sociology at Texas State University, is bilingual in Spanish and knows enough Mandarin to speak to pre-k students and taxi drivers in China. She has lived in Beijing and traveled to various countries including a three-month backpacking adventure in Australia. She is an active writer, blogger, community educator and published author who strives to advocate for human rights.

Since the publication of Las Niñas, A Collection of Childhood Memories in 2008, she has continued to share her writings and community outreach by founding Barrio Writers in 2009, a reading and writing program aimed to empower youth through creative writing, higher education and the cultural arts. In 2010, she initiated Wild Womyn Writers in California. Most recently, her essay “Crossing Borders” was published in Connotation Press (April 2011). Her writings, workshops and lifestyle promote community empowerment, cultural awareness and global sharing.


Musician Joanna Saucedo

Vibration specialist – move it. sound it. laugh it. express it. heal it…connect it in the community.

Joanna Saucedo was born in 1972 and raised in rural Adkins, Texas. The solitude and smell of abundant mesquite fueled a passion for solitude, which inevitably allowed her to focus on academics. She was published in a scientific journal before she graduated from high school and attended Stanford University in California.

Due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Joanna had to decide between her health and academic goals. She chose to return to Texas in search of personal healing, she continued her studies by completing an Associate in Arts degree with a focus in music. Shortly thereafter, she returned to study science and completed her Bachelors of Arts in Human Ecology (Nutrition) with highest honors at the University of Texas at Austin.

In 2001, Traditional Chinese Medicine became her next academic pursuit. After completing courses in acupuncture, she had to face the unexpected death of her father. At that point, Joanna left her studies once again to nurture her soul. Eventually, she became a massage therapist and Kundalini yoga teacher. In the midst of all her academic endeavors and personal challenges, she nurtured her spirit through dancing, singing and playing various musical instruments, focusing on traditional Son Jarocho Fandango.

Joanna Saucedo continues to share her therapeutic vibrations through massage therapy, community yoga and organizing, playing, dancing, and teaching music.

Sarah Rafael & Joanna expressing liberated creativity!

Photography: © Lanie Anderson http://www.harmoneyesphotography.com
Make-Up: Pilar Davila http://www.beautybypilar.com (Sarah Rafael García’s make-up)


These events are supported by Poets & Writers, Inc.; in California, through a grant it has received from The James Irvine Foundation. Poets & Writers, Inc., is the primary source of information, support, and guidance for creative writers. Founded in 1970, it is the nation’s largest nonprofit literary organization serving poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers.
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