“One Sentence Story – Conceptualizing Our Lives”

In blogging, life, One Sentence Story, writing on June 24, 2010 at 3:33 am

A group writing exercise!

Wild Womyn Writers were asked to bring some personal photos/items, magazine pics or a reprint of their favorite artist! Then we summed up our lives in one sentence!

Group viewed a picture of a person riding a skateboard with a young child.

“I felt 10 feet tall when daddy took me by the hand.” — Charlene

“Whether the toddler with proper headgear likes it or not,
he and Dad are off to the movie theater, sans car.”–Gianna

“Together we traveled the world on four small wheels.” –Charlene

“Skateboarding big brother introduces little brother,
Jeremy, to carless carpooling”
— Gianna

“His fears melted away, when our hands touched.” — Charlene
Photo of a young women dressed up in a limo:
“Clouds and trees are a blur from the inside of the limousine, but she is grounded in her
Red summer dress and glittering earrings…embracing the night ahead.” –Gianna

An artistic portrait of writer Pablo Neruda:
“His eyes spoke of the pain his lips were unable to utter.” — Charlene
“I wept, I begged; but he looked right through my soul
and walked out of my heart.”
— Charlene

The visual was a small bottle of holy water:
“Sprinkled to the wind, 0.6 ounces worth of her
comings and goings, hopes and oh my gods.”

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