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Hey You!

In blogging, writing on May 20, 2010 at 5:51 pm

by Brenda G.,
Rants & Spoken Word Workshop

Hey you, look at me! Why haven’t you liked my status?
When will you validate what I have to say?

Hey you, update! I need to know what you’re doing, help me investigate.
What sort of causes and what sorts of shows must I like today?

Hey you, comment on my picture! Why don’t you show that you love us?
I need the affirmation of your admiration, hey you, respond to my declaration!
When will you tag me and show me I am relevant?

Hey you, don’t you see I like what you’re doin and sayin,
That I want you to be doin and sayin it to me?

Hey you, poke me! Haven’t you seen that I’ve poked you to?
Don’t you see, I am only as valuable as your tags, likes, pokes, and comments?

So, hey you, why don’t you facebook!