Love Fantasy

In blogging, dating, fantasy, Relationships, writing on April 7, 2010 at 11:46 am

by Anonymous

Can this really be happening to me? I am sitting in his car, the guy I have been lusting over for a month. We are at a gas station. He is in inside purchasing an item only the preface to the larger expense that will occur  just a half mile down the road. You see, I have asked him to make this small purchase of a precautionary device and have asked if his chosen profession provides him the means to also pay for a motel room.

Not exactly an ideal opening piece to a romantic fantasy, but this is how it happened.

Several months before, I had found myself thinking about a guy I knew in college. We did not know each well, but I found something incredibly sensual about his face. He had these lazy eyes that seem to express mystery and deep thought, a perfectly proportioned little nose, and incredibly sexy lips. His look drew me in so powerfully, I never quite forgot it. It gave me a chill from deep inside making me express “Oh Godm, that guy is fucking HOT!” Somehow, five years later while enjoying drinks with a girlfriend, I suddenly thought about him and described him out loud. To my surprise, that friend knew him! Not only did she know who I was talking about, but she knew his name. She was his friend on FACEBOOK!

That very evening, I added him on facebook and looked through all his pictures. Ok, not just looked. More like fantasized about every aspect of his face, his smile, his eyes, his hands, his chest, his arms, and of course, what adventures I might find in those pants!

Several months of subtle flirting, then intense flirting, and finally out right invitations to a fun evening, brings me to the moment in his car. We have just acknowledged the undeniable. We are about to have incredible sex fueled by the certain electricity between us. You see, until this moment, this guy was just an intriguing mystery and a frequent visit to my wet dreams. But now, after several hours of engaging conversation, I cannot wait to rip his clothes off! What made the evening most incredible was his undivided attention and the unfettered confidence to swing my body across an empty dance floor making us the center of the room. The confidence to make me laugh, show me off, and give me passionate kisses makes the soon to be realized fantasy in a cheap motel the most incredible sexual encounter of my life!

  1. Juiceeeeeeeeeeey!

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